The ACT Remuneration Tribunal has released Determinations covering:

  • Members of the Legislative Assembly
  • the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly;
  • ACT Public Service Executives;
  • Full-Time Statutory Office Holders; and
  • other, individual posts that were referred to the Tribunal for consideration.

At its Autumn review, the Tribunal awarded an increase to the base rate of Members of the Legislative Assembly’s (MLAs) salary of 4% - comprising a 2.5% general increase plus a 1.5% increase.

This step is in line with the Tribunal’s intentions as part of the extensive review of salary, allowances and other entitlements for MLAs in 2014 and in recognition of the personal contributions that MLAs make towards their own ongoing professional development following the abolition of study travel.

The Tribunal increased the salary for the position of Clerk of the Legislative Assembly to $216,060 due to the increasing range of responsibilities in preparation for an increase in the size of the Legislative Assembly. 

The Tribunal increased the salary for the Head of Service, Directors-General and ACTPS Executives by 2.5%. In coming to this decision, the Tribunal considered the competitive market to attract high performing and capable executives to the ACT Public Service, and flagged that it would undertake a review on ACTPS Executives salary and entitlements in the future.

The Tribunal, after having postponed decisions relating to the remuneration of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Associate Judge of the Supreme Court has now finalised the determinations. These are available at the Tribunal’s website (