In February 2017, in accordance with the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1995, the ACT Remuneration Tribunal will commence its annual review of the remuneration and allowances to be paid and other entitlements to be granted to:

  • Members of the Legislative Assembly (including the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, and other Ministers and Members of the Legislative Assembly holding particular offices);
  • the Head of Service, Directors-General and ACT Public Service Executives;
  • Full-time Holders of Public Office, referred to in Section 10(1) of the Remuneration Tribunal Act 1995, including the Clerk of the Legislative Assembly; and
  • any other positions that have been referred by the Chief Minister to the Tribunal for consideration.

The Tribunal welcomes written submissions about the remuneration, allowances and other entitlements to be paid to the above office holders from interested persons including occupants of positions, organisations and associations, and members of the public.

So that the Tribunal can continue to make sound and supported remuneration decisions based on an assessment of work value, submissions should, where possible, provide supporting reasoning for any recommended changes to remuneration of a role. Some useful topics to address in submissions are:

  • the actual work of the role or entity and its impact on the ACT Community;
  • the role or entity’s scope of work;
  • what members would be responsible for/ what work they would do; and
  • your recommended remuneration for the role and any comparative data or examples that support your recommendation.

Please note submissions close at midday Tuesday 7 February 2017.

Submissions should be forwarded:

By email to: (preferred means of receipt)

Or by post to:

The Chair

ACT Remuneration Tribunal

PO Box 964


Please note that submissions made to the Tribunal are made publicly available through the Tribunal’s website Anyone making a submission has the opportunity to indicate that a submission should not be publicised.


In early November, the Remuneration Tribunal undertook its annual Spring Review of remuneration and entitlements for the ACT Supreme Court, the ACT Magistrates Court, the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Part-time Public Officer Holders, and any entities referred to the Tribunal by the Chief Minister. 

Following the review, the Tribunal has issued the following determinations:

  • Determination 8 of 2016 - ACT Supreme Court;
  • Determination 9 of 2016 - ACT Magistrates Court;
  • Determination 10 of 2016 - Director of Public Prosecutions;
  • Determination 11 of 2016 - ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal;
  • Determination 12 of 2016 - Part-time Public Office Holders.  

The Tribunal will advertise shortly for submissions to support its annual Autumn Review, currently scheduled to take place in early 2017. 


On 11 November 2016 the Tribunal released Determination 7 of 2016 - MLAs Communication Allowance [pdf PDF 627 KB] which outlines new arrangements for MLAs communication allowance.

Determination 7 of 2016 - MLAs Communication Allowance [Word document DOC 125 KB]


In May 2016, the Remuneration Tribunal released the discussion paper for their Review of Remuneration, Allowances and other Entitlements for Part-time Public Office Holders in the ACT Government. The Tribunal are currently considering all submissions and will discuss the Review at the 2016 Spring Sitting.

Review of Remuneration Allowances and Other Entitlements for PTPOH in the ACT Government [Word documentDOC 243 KB]

Review of Remuneration Allowances and Other Entitlements for PTPOH in the ACT Government [pdfPDF 1.26 MB]