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Please note that the determinations listed below are provided for historical reference only.  

Current determinations can be found on the Determinations page. 

Determination 170 - Part-time Holder of Public Office (Canberra Partnership Board) [icn_pdf PDF 97KB]

Determination 171 - Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly [icn_pdf PDF 122KB]

Determination 172 - Chief Executives and Executives [icn_pdf PDF 142KB]

Determination 173 - Full-time Holders of Public Office [icn_pdf PDF 137KB]

Determination 174 - Commissioner for Public Administration [icn_pdf PDF 100KB]

Determination 175 - Part-time Holder of Public Office (Commissioner for Surveys) [icn_pdf PDF 103KB]

Determination 176 - Part-time Holders of Public Office (Salary Packaging) [icn_pdf PDF 94KB]

Determination 177 - Part-time Holder of Public Office (Commissioner for the Environment) [icn_pdf PDF 104KB]

Determination 178 - Travel Allowance for Holders of Public Office [icn_pdf PDF 31KB]

Determination 179 - ACT Insurance Authority Board [icn_pdf PDF 31KB]

Determination 180 - Presiding Member of the Essential Services Consumer Council [icn_pdf PDF 31KB]

Determination 181 - Master of the Supreme Court [icn_pdf PDF 32KB]

Determination 182 - Chief Magistrate, Special Magistrates and Magistrates [icn_pdf PDF 33KB]

Determination 183 - President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal [icn_pdf PDF 31KB]

Determination 184 - Commissioner for Public Administration [icn_pdf PDF 35KB]

Determination 185 - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court [icn_pdf PDF 29KB]

Determination 186 - President of the Court of Appeal [icn_pdf PDF 29KB]

Determination 187 - Nominal Defendent [icn_pdf PDF 30KB]

Determination 188 - President of the Human Rights Commission and Disability and Community Services Commissioner [icn_pdf PDF 31KB]

Determination 189 - Health Services Commissioner [icn_pdf PDF 30KB]

Determination 190 - Part-time Holders of Public Office [icn_pdf PDF 46KB]

Attachment to Determination 190 [icn_pdf PDF 24KB]