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Please note that the determinations listed below are provided for historical reference only.  

Current determinations can be found on the Determinations page. 

Determination 1 - Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly [icn_pdf PDF 94KB]

Determination 2 - Chief Executives and Executives [icn_pdf PDF 68KB]

Determination 3 - Full-time Holders of Public Office [icn_pdf PDF 69KB]

Determination 4 - Clerk of the ACT Legislative Assembly [icn_pdf PDF 86KB]

Determination 5 - Survey Practice Advisory Committee [icn_pdf PDF 61KB]

Determination 6 - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body [icn_pdf PDF 63KB]

Determination 7 - Community Inclusion Board [icn_pdf PDF 60KB]

Determination 8 - Members of the ACT Legislative Assembly [icn_pdf PDF 62KB]

Determination 9 - Chief Justice of the Supreme Court [icn_pdf PDF 315KB]

Determination 10 - President of the Court of Appeal [icn_pdf PDF 307KB]

Determination 11 - Magistrates [icn_pdf PDF 445KB]

Determination 12 - Master of the Supreme Court [icn_pdf PDF 421KB]

Determination 13 - President, Administrative Appeals Tribunal [icn_pdf PDF 361KB]

Determination 14 - Part-time Holders of Public Office [icn_pdf PDF 1526KB]

Attachment to Determination 14 [icn_pdf PDF 1922KB]

Determination 15 - Sentence Administration Board [icn_pdf PDF 501KB]

Determination 16 - Children and Young People Official Visitor [icn_pdf PDF 345KB]

Determination 17 - ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (Full-time positions) [icn_pdf PDF 72KB]

Determination 18 - Tidbinbilla Birrigai Board of Management [icn_pdf PDF 64KB] 

Determination 19 - Clerk of the ACT Legislative Assembly [icn_pdf PDF 1191KB]